Data analysis software jBEAM Powertrain for powertrain analysis / 2848A

Data analysis software jBEAM Powertrain for powertrain analysis


Software for analysis of measurement data related to powertrain development. jBEAM Powertrain not only allows for interactive analysis but also for automated reporting.
  • Powerful mathematical functions
  • Easy signal visualization using drag and drop
  • Supports KiBox and a wide variety of data formats
  • Interactive analysis or automated reporting
  • Optimized for reasearch and development of powertrains

The analysis and visualization software jBEAM Powertrain is the perfect partner in the measurement chain for powertrain and engine development.

The jBEAM Powertrain Edition works hand in hand with the KiBox2 as hardware and the KiBox Cockpit as configuration interface. Due to its platform independence and multilingualism, worldwide customers in powertrain evaluation and engine development are using the software for quick analysis as well as for managing complex projects with gigabytes of data. jBEAM Powertrain not only supports KiBOX but also the import of multiple measurement file formats common in the area as well as multimedia formats to combine your measurement data with images, audio and videos. The extensive analysis functions range from simple arithmetic operations, curve analysis and FFT calculations to matrix operations, signal filters and statistics and more engine specific calculations such as cyclic data analysis or map statistics in order analyze your engine data quickly with very few clicks.

Thanks to the comprehensive visualization functions, which range from simple text elements, forms and tables to all kind of 2D and 3D graphs there is always a suitable format to display your measurement data and analysis results. In addition, the control elements allow you to create interactive visualizations and reports.

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Data analysis software jBEAM Powertrain for powertrain analysis, Starter or Professional