Force and Strain Sensors from Kistler

High rigidity, high natural frequency, wide measuring range over several decades – these are just a few of the advantages of Kistler’s piezoelectric force and strain sensor technology.

Kistler’s piezoelectric force and strain sensors are ideal for dynamic and quasi-static measurements. Another major advantage of piezoelectric sensors is the ability to measure very small forces and strains under high static loads.

Kistler’s piezoelectric strain sensors are simple to install. One sensor covers the complete measuring range from µε fractions to destruction of the structure. So it’s almost impossible to damage them with overload. Additionally strain sensors can be used for indirect force measurement as well.

Piezoelectric Force Sensors

  • 1-Component Sensors:
    - For tensile and compression forces +Fz up to 1200kN
    - For shear forces ±Fy up to 8kN
    - High sensitivity versions for small forces +Fz up to 500N
  • 2-Component Sensors:  
    - Measurement of compression and tensile forces and reaction torques
    - Forces +Fz up to 20kN and torques ±Mz up to 200Nm
  • 3-Component Sensors:
    - Measurement of forces (Fx, Fy, Fz)
    - Substantially higher sensitivity with PiezoStar® crystals on some sensors
    - Forces ±Fx,y up to 75kN and +Fz up to 150kN
  • Dynamometers:
    - Four 3-component sensors mounted between a top and base plate
    - Measurement of forces (Fx, Fy, Fz)
    - Option to calculate reaction torques (Mx, My, Mz)
    - Forces ±Fx,y up to 30kN and +Fz up to 150kN
  • Customer specific solution
    Customized piezoelectric force sensors and measuring chains: Kistler has more than 30 years of experience in designing customer specials

Piezoelectric Strain Sensors

  • Surface Strain Sensors:   
    - Simple mounting on surface of structure with one screw   
    - Piezoelectric strain sensors with ranges up to 800 µε
  • Strain Measuring Pins:   
    - Measures strain inside a structure   
    - Mounting in blind hole   
    - Piezoelectric strain sensors with ranges up to 1500 µε

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