Kistler presents innovations in process reliability through integrated quality control at SPS IPC Drives

Nuremberg, 12 November 2013 - Kistler will be presenting innovations in the fields of components, systems and complete solutions at SPS IPC Drives from 26 to 28 November 2013 in Nuremberg, focusing on increased flexibility, quality assurance and efficiency.


New flexibility in torque measurement

At SPS IPC Drives 2013, Kistler will be presenting the new measuring flange KiTorq System, which provides test stand operators with unrivalled flexibility in torque measurement for electric and combustion engines, gears, pumps and compressors in the fields of au-tomobile and energy engineering, aeronautical and astronautics, engineering, medicine and process engineering. The basis of this sophisticated innovation is the separation of the measurement bodies and the evaluation unit, as well as their modular combinability.

The KiTorq System consists of a measurement body, a 4551A rotor with a new flange size and a 4542A stator evaluation unit, which is expanded by the Ethercat and Ethernet/IP interface. As well as the 4551A rotor, Kistler offers the 4550A with the flange size in accordance with DIN ISO 7646. Both rotors can be combined with the same guide-less stator which is simple to install and facilitates the implementation of various testing specimens without the need of having to completely rebuild the testing facility. Users benefit from a high degree of flexibility with regard to the choice of appropriate components for the respective test stand, allowing for installation and maintenance times to be reduced. In addition, the guide-less stator design facilitates simple assembly, as the sensor does not have to be pushed through an antenna ring.

The stator receives the measurement values via a telemetric connection and processes these digitally without disruption or errors by converting the signal from digital to analogue. The sensors are parameterized by the Ethercat or Ethernet/IP eliminating the need for a second control wire. As the interface is integrated directly into the stator, no costly auxiliary equipment is needed. In addition, the stator can be combined with all rotors and can automatically identify the respective rotor type and measurement range. If the interface changes on the test stand, only the stator has to be changed, which will permit sav-ings on the cost of replacement parts.

With a fully digital transfer, the KiTorq System offers the highest dynamic and precision with an accuracy level of 0.05% and a critical frequency of up to 10 kHz. It is also possible to select a second measurement range up to a king pin inclination of 1:10.

Systems for monitoring manual and automated processes

At SPS IPC Drives 2013, Kistler will introduce the maXYmos series of XY monitors, which can be used in manual processes like hand presses and also in automated fields. The maXYmos series facilitates the visualization and evaluation of processes and thereby provides consistent, process-integrated quality assurance. Quality deviations can be identified early and faulty products can be removed from the process, thus increasing efficiency in the production process and savings on cost. As well as quality control, the XY monitors allow for increased transparency in the production process For example, wear in tools that are used can be identified early and measures to rectify can be taken immediately. This contributes to a reduction in unplanned downtimes, increases machine availability and increases total productivity of the production process. Moreover, maXYmos also allows for the traceability of process results because the monitors can document all data so that faulty parts can always be precisely identified.

Kistler offers manufacturers two different types: maXYmos BL (Basic Level) and maXYmos TL (Top Level). Both devices are user-friendly and intuitive to operate, with the maXYmos TL offering a greater variety with regards to evaluation objects, including cascadability of the XY pair of channels.

Optimizing efficiency with test stands from a single source

Furthermore, Kistler will be showcasing test stands which it has developed from a single source and with the customer in mind. The scope of application ranges from mechanical components, like drive measurement setup with torque sensors, to small test stands with torque speed measurement and manual or external control through to computer-controlled complete solutions for analyzing and documenting electrical machines.

Kistler can achieve automated test stands with up to 12 channel current/voltage measurement through an integrated power analyzer with the aim to of optimizing the efficiency of the test equipment. The field of application varies, from electric motors to vacuum and wind-screen wiper motors through to automobile generators, drill hammers, angle grinders and many more.

Kistler will be presenting innovations at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany from 26 to 28 November 2013 on stand 530 in hall 4A.


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With the measurement body (rotor, above) and evaluation unit (stator, below) the measuring flange KiTorq System 4551A … by Kistler with its new flange size and digital stator provides test stand operators maximum flexibility

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