Kistler Instrumente GmbH has new German headquarters

Ostfildern, April 27, 2016 – In Sindelfingen, the former Ostfildern and Schönaich sites are being brought together under one roof. The new headquarters are very close to several customers and have plenty of space for future expansion.

Kistler's new German headquarters are on Umberto-Nobile-Straße, named after the Italian aviation pioneer. The pioneering spirit is rooted deep in Kistler's DNA and can be seen not only in the company's many innovations but also the new site, which it is finally unveiling after a planning and construction phase lasting almost 3 years.

Finger on the pulse 

In recent years Kistler has achieved significant global growth. Firstly, the new site provides the space it needs to prepare for the challenges of the future and drive forward further expansion. Secondly, the new, central location also brings Kistler closer to its customers, guaranteeing faster support and even closer contact.

Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of the Kistler Group, is delighted with the new site in Böblingen/Sindelfingen: "The airfield location offers huge potential for development. It was selected mainly due to its proximity to our most important automotive customers and the innovative surroundings in the airfield."

Everything under one roof

The priority in Sindelfingen is to combine the former Ostfildern and Schönaich sites under one roof and therefore bring together all expertise in one location. The one central location is home to elements of production, the tech center, development, sales, human resources, marketing, and finance. The new shared site allows distances to be cut, workflows to be optimized, and processes to be made more efficient.

The modern building with its open-plan concept is also designed as a central point of contact for customers. The entrance area features an atrium, joining the three upper floors by means of a common air space. As well as the reception area, the foyer in the entrance area on the ground floor is also where you will find exhibition spaces, meeting rooms, and two training rooms, which can be linked with the foyer to produce one large room by removing the mobile partitions. When opened up, the new training rooms form part of the reception hall and, depending on the number of people in the training session, can be separated individually. Right next to the training area and reception hall is the production area, where Kistler's products are manufactured, tested, calibrated, and delivered. Production can be viewed through a wide glass front and can of course be visited on prearranged tours.

Focus on lean elements

The new infrastructure is a big step forward for Kistler in terms of production too. Since 2014 and the transition to lean production, the focus in production has been on the environment and simple and quick sequences of processes. All the processes undertaken at Kistler Germany are coordinated for smooth interaction between production, logistics, calibration, and service to guarantee as efficient a production workflow as possible.

Efficient building

Efficiency is also important for the building itself. For example, the offices and production areas are mainly heated and cooled by means of concrete core activation. Ventilation, air extraction, and air conditioning of the various areas take place as required and the relevant systems use highly efficient heat recovery. Individual extraction units, with direct links to the outside, are also used sporadically in the test hall and workshop. An air-water heat pump with a COP >4 cools the building and it is heated using waste heat from the refrigeration machines and district heating. The building's electricity is provided by its own in-built transformer station. The building has a low voltage main distribution board and one electric distribution room on each loor. The server room also has a redundant fiber-optic network and cooling system.

Kistler as an attractive employer

Kistler's new German headquarters are large enough for the current workforce of around 180 from the Ostfildern and Schönaich sites and forms the basis for a large future. The company operates in a growing sector so expansion needs to be driven forward and the new Sindelfingen site is already set up to accommodate up to 300 members of staff. Once this level is reached, another floor can be added to the current production area.

It goes without saying that the Kistler Group is always looking for qualified people and, as an attractive employer, wants to do its bit for the Böblingen/Sindelfingen region and establish itself as an important part of the community. 

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