For Maximum Production Reliability in Drilling Processes: Cutting Force Measurements with Kistler

Especially when safety-critical components are involved, process analysis based on measurements of process forces is crucially important. Static or rotating dynamometers can be used to achieve this goal, depending on requirements. Both types feature excellent rigidity and convincingly high natural frequencies, with compact yet robust designs.

Loss Janet
Sales Representative
Loss Janet

4-Component Dynamometer up to 200 N·m

Type 9272

Stationary dynamometer with four measurement components (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mz). Precise measurement of the torque Mz thanks to direct measurement. Particularly suitable for drilling applications.

Rotating Multi-Component Dynamometer up to 20000 1/min

Type 9170A

Rotating 4-Component Cutting Force Dynamometer (RCD) with non-contacting transmission of measured data. Measuring range up to 5 kN (Fx, Fy), 20 kN (Fz) and 150 N·m (Mz).

Data Acquisition System for up to 28 channels

Type 5697A

Universal data acquisition system in combination with DynoWare. Connection to PC via USB. Acquisition of up to 28 channels. Control of all Kistler laboratory amplifiers.