Milling with Kistler

Accurate Measurement Results Thanks to High Natural Frequencies

Piezoelectric dynamometers really come into their own in milling applications. High natural frequencies mean that accurate measurement results are guaranteed even with high tooth passing frequencies. Depending on requirements, stationary or rotating dynamometers can be used to measure cutting forces in milling processes.

Advantages of stationary dynamometers featuring piezoelectric technology:

  • Can be used universally
  • Easily mounted on machine tools
  • No need to change tool clamping


Advantages of rotating dynamometers featuring piezoelectric technology:

  • Direct in-process torque measurement
  • Values are measured very close to the tool
  • Dynamics are not influenced by tool mass changes

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Loss Janet

Analysis of milling process and precise error diagnosis

Optimization of tools and clamping devices

Comparison of different machining strategies

Improvements of tool life

Comparison of different batch of material

Verification of simulations and process models


Precise measurements for the entire life of the sensor.

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