The Injection Molding System for Industry 4.0 - ComoNeo, the next generation

The Industry 4.0 vision has already emerged as a distinct reality in the injection molding sector. The new approach to production focuses on consistent digitization – leading to enhanced product quality and increased cost-efficiency. Market players equipped with Kistler systems for process monitoring and control, like ComoNeo, are ideally placed to meet the requirements for digital networking – with no problems.

Quality requirements for injection molding are constantly increasing, so permanent control of the entire production chain is essential. Kistler presents ComoNeo and ComoDataCenter: two system components that offer the best possible basis for achieving this goal in the Industry 4.0 era– and they are perfectly suited to novices as well as experienced users.

Injection Molding quality control with ease

ComoNeo provides many features. First and foremost is the Restart Assistant which is integrated into ComoNeo: it allows efficient reproduction of established processes when changing machines. But there are many other innovations as well: for example, the system now supports the OPC-UA interface, which is on the way to becoming the standard for injection molding production. Integration of OPC-UA in ComoNeo also makes it possible to implement MultiFlow control as an entirely standalone solution, without an additional PC. The benefit: significantly less effort is required for the entire setup process.

Another new feature for ComoNeo: online quality prediction is integrated directly in the system, so the full bandwidth of cavity pressure monitoring methods is available – from manual monitoring with boxes (EO’s) toautomated EO monitoring (with the EO Assistant) through to online quality prediction (with DoE).

The future of process monitoring starts today

Two main focuses of the Industry 4.0 are product quality and cost-efficiency in injection molding. Both can be achieved with ComoNeo and ComoDataCenter. With its high efficiency, the system itself is rapidly amortized and on long terms, staff costs can be reduced. 

Marinucci Rich
Sales Representative
Marinucci Rich

Zero-defect production

Quality costs are cut

Optimal process efficiency

Process reliability is enhanced

Cycle times are optimized

Staff costs are reduced

Plant efficiency is increased

Rapid amortization