ComoNeo, the Leading-Edge Process Monitoring System: for Flexibility, Transparency and Top Performance

Cost reduction is the primary objective of all efforts to monitor injection molding processes. Automatic identification of scrap means that the ComoNeo process monitoring system is the optimal solution.

ComoNeo is Kistler's process monitoring system for cavity pressure-based analysis, optimization, monitoring and documentation of the injection molding process with good part/bad part separation. It is compact, meets industrial standards and is easily configured. It also features simple connection technology and integrates flexibly into different product environments.

Easy Operation and Clear Presentation

ComoNeo is easy to operate: The profile of the cavity pressure can be monitored in real-time, and visualization on the capacitive Multi-Touch display makes it easy to identify process fluctuations. Integrated data storage allows recording of curve histories with at least 50 000 cycles. Curve superimposition and a host of other useful functions (changeable color schemes to display curves, cycle comments, cursor functions, etc.) allow detailed analysis directly on the injection molding machine.

Production mode includes clear displays showing production progress and scrap rate, as well as intelligent mechanisms (e.g. automatic detection of interruptions to production and declaration of a defined number of cycles as scrap on restarting). As well as part quality, ComoNeo can monitor process stability and give warning signals in case of process fluctuations.

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Marinucci Rich
Sales Representative
Marinucci Rich

Simple, intuitive operation, tailored to injection molding.

Clear display of all relevant production data on the Dashboard.

Automatic generation of monitoring windows for good/bad evaluation.

Integrated cycle history with capacity for at least 5 days' production.

Production end forecast, taking account of the scrap rate.