Technology-Driven Solutions Need Innovative Minds

Winterthur, February 1, 2017 – The Kistler Group is constantly growing: With a growth rate of 9% in the past year, revenue increased to approximately 358 million Swiss francs, or 7.2% adjusted for currency. Because of constant investments in research and development, future growth is secured as well.

Strong Growth Worldwide

In 2016, the Kistler Group reported incoming orders worth CHF 365 million, an increase of 11.6% over the previous year. This year as well, CEO Rolf Sonderegger expects strong growth worldwide and the mark of 400 million Swiss francs will be reached:

I am convinced that the market in the USA holds the greatest potential and that, in the Asian region, the Chinese market has enormous capacity.

With the integration of the Schatz Group and the new business field of fastening technology,Kistler has tapped a new business segment. The importance of dependable bolted joints can be ideally demonstrated using safety-relevant connections, such as those on a safety belt. A faulty design of the bolted joint can have fatal consequences. In this business field, the Schatz Group tests the tightening torque, tightening angle, and preloading force parameters as well as friction values for dependable jointed bolts.

In the future, stricter climate regulations will exert a strong influence on our customers and thus, on our offerings (see info box ‘Measuring the oceans’). This shows how important innovations and continuous investments in the area of R&D are, where 10% of revenue flowed in the past year.

Innovative Minds Wanted

This Swiss company, with headquarters in Winterthur, takes great efforts to meet the growth dynamics in all relevant markets through proactive recruitment of specialist staff. The Kistler Group invests in tomorrow, today: There are currently 133 vacancies worldwide, of which 25 are at the Winterthur headquarters. The number of vacant position has led the company to take efforts to attract the attention of the urgently needed experts, graduates, and students in recent years through targeted advertisements in select trade journals and online channels. It is important not only to attract new staff, but also to anchor innovation-promoting structures, while establishing a positive working environment. With the introduction and implementation of an occupational health management program, the Winterthur location aims to become certified with the ‘Friendly Work Space’ label of Health Promotion Switzerland.

Current Challenges Require Technology-driven Solutions

This year as well, Kistler will make an active contribution to the development of solutions that advance us in the greatest challenges of our time,’ of that CEO Rolf Sonderegger is certain. Climate research is just one of many topics.

Measuring the Oceans

The ecosystem of the oceans plays an important role in the global climate balance. Within the scope of the international research project ‘Argo’, automated submersible buoys around the world record a current picture of the most important ocean properties, such as temperature and salinity, at a depth of approximately 2 000 meters. The robots carry various high-tech sensors on board – among others, Kistler pressure sensors for determining the immersion depth. These are characterized by a very high measurement accuracy, very good long-term stability, and high corrosion resistance to seawater. With their outstanding quality and loading capacity, the pressure sensors from Kistler make a fundamental contribution to the data basis for climate research and, thus, to a better understanding of global warming. This year, the researchers would like to explore even greater depths – as deep as 7 000 meters – with the followup project ‘Deep Argo’ and elicit further valuable data from the ocean. Kistler pressuresensors withstand the enormous pressure under water and will again be used here.

You can find more success stories that Kistler has chronicled around the world.

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