For Fair Road Use Pricing: Kistler's WIM Systems for Weight-Based Toll Collection

Kistler's WIM systems give you the option to sanction loading limit violations right away, or deny access to bridges and roads for overloaded vehicles. Our fully automated measurement systems deliver real-time data you can rely on to determine weight-based tolls.

Manson Hsieh
Sales Representative
Manson Hsieh

WIM Charge Amplifier

Type 5163A

Robust charge amplifier specifically designed for Kistler Lineas WIM sensors with charge output (Type 9195GC...).

Lineas® WIM Sensor

Type 9195G

The Lineas Quartz WIM (weigh-in-motion) sensor is measuring very accurately wheel and axle loads and determining gross vehicle weight under rolling traffic conditions.

Kistler WIM System (OIML Certified)

Type 9835AT

The compact and prewired WIM system contains all key components to set up a WIM site rapidly and perform legal for trade weight measurements. Suitable for weight-based road pricing and industrial applications.

Kistler WIM Data Logger

Type 5204A

The Kistler Data Logger in combination with the Lineas WIM sensors allows to monitor traffic and to gather accurate vehicle data under rolling traffic conditions in real time.

Grouting Compound "Winter Grade"

Type 1000A3

The winter grade grouting compound is a 2-component polyester resin mortar specially developed for the installation of Lineas WIM sensors in cold weather conditions (+1 … 9 °C).