Stationary speed enforcement: an alternative use of the complete solution

The all-purpose measurement solution from Kistler enables professional mobile and stationary speed enforcement with a single system. All of the benefits of the mobile system are preserved when using it in the stationary measurement mode. 

The mobile system based on the single-sided sensor from Kistler can be inserted in the protective case in just a few steps and positioned far from the street. Once equipped, the stationary measuring solution provides highly precise measurements and is protected against inclement weather and vandalism at the same time. Thanks to the flexible plug-in units and quick system settings, moving around the system between different measuring points is possible at any time, allowing it to be used at high capacity around the clock. 

Stationary speed enforcement in protective case – your benefits:

  • All advantages of the mobile system are preserved
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Protection against inclement weather, heat, moisture
  • Quickly switch from mobile to stationary operation
  • User-friendly, fast input of settings without losing time
  • Can be expanded to include section control and red light monitoring

Do you have any questions about the benefits of our complete system and its various application possibilities? We would be happy to help.

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