Air blast

Air Blast Testing with Probes from Kistler – Meeting the Highest Requirements

Measurements of pressure waves in explosions provide knowledge that is crucial in the field of safety engineering and testing of materials or when developing protective clothing and armored vehicles.
The measuring technology used for this purpose has to withstand enormous loads due to vibration, thermal shock and fragments in the area impacted by detonations. The pressure signals are highly dynamic and must not be disturbed as they are transmitted over long distances. Kistler's products for measuring blast pressure comprise rugged pressure sensor technology and a full range of practical accessories, as well as complete system solutions.

Advantages of blast pressure measurement with Kistler:

  • Sensor technology with high natural frequencies and measuring ranges graduated from 1.7 to
    100 bar 
  • Highly sensitive sensors
  • Sensors with integrated Piezotron impedance converter electronics (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric, IEPE)
  • Coordinated portfolio of accessories for fixation, thermal protection and dynamic verification

Reliable measurements of highly dynamic blast pressure waves with Kistler – learn more now!


Signals with high pressure and time resolution

Long cable connections are possible thanks to transmission of voltage signals

Practical accessories ensure user-friendly operation

The most successful triaxial accelerometer 8763B measures micro-vibrations even more accurately.
On the road to success with IEPE and MEMS accelerometers for the ISTAR research aircraft – on the ground and in the air.
The accelerometer 8763B050 from Kistler measures tiny micro-vibrations. It now features a 27 percent lower noise threshold.

Maximum measurement accuracy in your process.

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