Высокоскоростная динамика

Piezoelectric Measuring Technology: Ideal for Capturing Highly Dynamic Events

Thanks to a forty-year track record of pioneering achievements in piezoelectric measuring technology, Kistler has built up the specific application expertise that is essential for capturing highly dynamic events in harsh environments.

Kistler can implement complete measuring systems to characterize high-energy materials. Our portfolio includes piezoelectric pressure sensors for the highest pressures (up to 10 000 bar), high-end data acquisition systems with maximum bandwidths, and flexible analysis software.

Pyrotechnics, vehicle technology as well as security and safety engineering: in all these fields and more, Kistler's long-lasting high pressure sensors complemented by our DAQ systems deliver precise measurements for high-pressure applications (up to 10 000 bar) in very dynamic processes.

Air blast
Air blast

Proven measuring technology for extreme environments: reliably measure blast waves with Kistler.

Энергоемкие материалы
Энергоемкие материалы

Dynamic high-pressure applications up to 10 000 bar – piezoelectric measuring technology from Kistler is ideally suited for the characterization of energetic materials.

The most successful triaxial accelerometer 8763B measures micro-vibrations even more accurately.
On the road to success with IEPE and MEMS accelerometers for the ISTAR research aircraft – on the ground and in the air.
The accelerometer 8763B050 from Kistler measures tiny micro-vibrations. It now features a 27 percent lower noise threshold.
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