High-precision measurement systems for metal-cutting production

Cutting force measurement with dynamometers for less scrap and longer tool life

How easily can the material be cut? How does the tool influence the cutting force? How can I prolong my tool's service life? What cutting forces are acting on the cutting edge? Which cutting data is optimal, and what does the best cutting strategy look like? Stationary and rotating dynamometers from Kistler will answer all these questions. Our piezoelectric sensors measure the cutting forces reliably and accurately while machining is in progress. The knowledge obtained from cutting force measurements will help boost the quality and cost-effectiveness of your tools and cutting processes. 

Разработка и оценка инструментов
Разработка и оценка инструментов

Better tools, clamping systems and lubricants thanks to accurate cutting force measurement.

Process analysis and process optimization is achieved by measuring cutting forces with a dynamometer.
Анализ усилия резания и оптимизация процесса с помощью динамометров

Protect tools and discover unused potential: use cutting force measurement as a diagnostic tool to analyze and optimize your processes!

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