Solutions to digital production challenges – with measurement data software from Kistler

Custom measurement data software to optimize digital production

Why choose custom measurement data software from Kistler to overcome your digital production challenges? Because we focus on tailoring a solution that precisely meets your needs using our decades of experience and expertise in metrology, software development and diverse application domains. Opting for a custom measurement data solution from Kistler means:

  • Professional advisory support and engineering consultancy
  • Dedicated project management and fulfilment tailored to your situation
  • Trust as the basis for a lifetime partnership
  • Mastery of the entire measurement chain
  • Immense domain and application know-how
  • Software expertise for project-specific deployment of our cloud-based products, technologies and ecosystems
  • Access to a vast portfolio of software components for flexible use in digital production 

Our mission: to deliver the leanest, most efficient solution that will maximize added value for your specific scenario, ensuring full support for new functionalities and business cases as the digital (production) era unfolds.

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