With cloud-based measurement data management (MDM) solutions from Kistler, the solutions are in your hands.

Measurement data management from Kistler: cloud-based solutions to maximize added value

We have expanded our portfolio of cloud-based measurement data management solutions to optimize the storage, management and analysis of your data. Our proven Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software which offers real-time capability, is now complemented by two additional highly-performing software solutions. Generate maximum value from your measurement data with MaDam and jBeam.

Take advantage of our know-how: We develop custom solutions to help you meet new challenges and exploit market opportunities.

When cloud-based measurement data management solutions are the challenge, Kistler is your competent partner!

Customized measurement data software from Kistler is the key to optimizing digital production.
Customized measurement data software

Customized solutions that precisely match your needs, challenges and business models.

jBEAM is a test data analysis and visualization software package from Kistler.
Test data analysis and visualization with jBEAM software

Best-in-class data analysis software: for both generic manual and specific automated analyses

MaDaM, the measurement data management (MDM) system from Kistler, is designed to handle distributed work processes.
Professional measurement data management with MaDaM

Best-in-class MDM solution to maximize efficient management of past, present and future data: pushing the frontiers of science.

Daimler Buses relies on MaDaM and jBEAM to further develop of its electric city buses.
The new Brake Force Measurement Solution: making local train maintenance more efficient.
New software solutions generate added value throughout the measuring chain.
Application-specific versions of the jBEAM software – to get the most out of measurement data.
The Kistler Group has established an Innovation Lab to leverage the hidden potentials of digitalization.
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