Gait Analysis with Kistler – When Force Measurement Makes All the Difference

With Kistler force plates, gait analyses deliver precise and reliable results. Piezoelectric measurement technology ensures that forces and moments are registered accurately in a variety of applications: research, competitive sports, rehabilitation and adaptation of prostheses, to name but a few. Kistler force measurement systems detect even the smallest changes in the gait pattern or shifts in the center of gravity – and they also enable exact calculation of the center of pressure for precise inverse dynamics.

Advantages of Kistler piezoelectric force measurement in gait analyses:

  • High resolution and reliability
  • Long-term stability across an extremely wide measuring range
  • Recording of small forces (e.g. in children)
  • Specific application in humans and animals

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Detection of gait asymmetries and shifts in the center of gravity

Precise adaptation of prostheses and rehabilitation monitoring

Accurate calculation of the center of pressure (CoP) for precise inverse dynamics


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