Kistler measurement technology for the aerospace ground and flight testing

Aviation is a high-tech industry that drives innovation and plays a key part in the economy. Aircrafts such as planes, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) are highly complex vehicles, fully equipped with electronics that require many years of research and development by hundreds of qualified engineers; planes include millions of structural components, their costs run into billions, and they must be designed to operate safely for 25 years.

The development of safe and efficient measurement technology is the bedrock for successful ground and flight testing in the aviation industry. Therefore, we work in partnership with renowned European, American and Asian aircraft industry players. Based on piezoelectric (PE), integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) and piezoresistive technologies, we offer force, torque, pressure and acceleration measuring chains that meet the requirements for every scenario – from small-scale laboratories to the most demanding operational environments.

We have served many committed and satisfied customers throughout the international aircraft industry for over 60 years. As an industry insider, Kistler is dedicated to developing sensor technology with exactly the level of sensitivity you need for testing and approval, backed by our professional advice and worldwide services. 


Wide temperature range and high-temperature capabilities  

Variegated modal sensor featuring TEDS capability, low-noise and repeatable low-frequency response 

Professional customized dynamometer design and manufacturing 

Innovative DAQ solutions 

Outstanding service with global network

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