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Saving Lives Day after Day – Vehicle Safety Tests with Kistler

With the steady increase in road traffic volumes, requirements for vehicle safety are becoming ever stricter. Crash tests play a crucial part in making automobile traffic safer and drastically reducing the risk of injury to human occupants. Whether pre-crash, crash or post-crash systems are used, they all need state-of-the-art measurement technology to achieve these vital goals. Kistler offers high-precision sensors, reliable data acquisition systems, customer-focused services and cutting-edge application software to handle complex measurements.

ADAS testing solutions from Kistler enable efficient tests of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems by means of sensors, software and driving robots.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS testing

Efficient and reproducible ADAS tests from one source – for enhanced vehicle dynamics and high reliability of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

THOR-50M crashtest dummy
THOR-50M crashtest dummy

Kistler only offers the Thor-50M dummy as a complete solution from a single source. This includes not only the dummy with its precise sensor technology and specific measurement data acquisition, but also the responsibility and service for the entire system.

Манекен для аварийных испытаний
Манекен для аварийных испытаний

Kistler offers high-precision sensor technology and cutting-edge integrated data acquisition solutions for all types of dummies.

Краш-тест автомобиля и контрольно-измерительное оборудование
Краш-тест автомобиля и контрольно-измерительное оборудование

More than ever, steps to ensure safety – both active and passive – are key factors in road safety, so precise measurements of acceleration, moments and forces in accidents are essential.

The new biofidelic PRIMUS dummy from Kistler provides human-like body characteristics for dynamic testing, such as accident reconstruction.
Accident reconstruction dummies

Kistler offers a new type of biofidelic dummy – customizable with in-dummy sensors – to be used for accident reconstruction and other diverse applications from aviation to safety and from product testing to recovery exercises for rescue services.

Six-component wheel force transducer from Kistler is granted JWL approval for road tests
KiRoad Wireless HDR is the new cable-free solution for vehicle developers
Rugged sensors check airbag igniters to ensure they will reliably trigger a life-saving chain reaction in an emergency.
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