Vehicle NVH testing solutions – from sensor to answer

Never before have automotive engineers been so challenged by developments in vehicle architecture and powertrain technology. Optimal noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) is now a top priority to ensure product performance, driving comfort and unique brand identity. And Kistler can provide a wide range of flexible and customizable vehicle NVH testing solutions – from sensor to answer.

NVH engineers now benefit from a complete Kistler measuring chain, optimized for NVH testing applications. From customizable force sensors and versatile accelerometers over flexible data acquisition systems in various application-specific variants to user-friendly and efficient processing software package – everything from a single source.

Explore the product line from Kistler for vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing.

Powertrain NVH sensors for testing are customized by Kistler, as unique force measurements require unique solutions.
Customized force sensors for NVH testing

Customized force measurement solutions for NVH testing are fully tailored to your needs.

Accelerometers for automotive NVH analysis from Kistler cover nearly all cases, including electrical engines.
Accelerometers for automotive NVH testing

Accelerometers from Kistler: the solution of choice for almost all automotive NVH testing applications – from combustion engines and electric motors to ride quality and durability optimization. 

Data acquisition and data analysis in vehicle NVH testing is efficiently supported by KiNOVA hardware and KiSUITE software.
Data acquisition hardware and analysis software for vehicle NVH testing

Our data acquisition hardware and data analysis software for NVH testing assist engineers in the key phases of powertrain and vehicle development and refinement.


Maximum measurement accuracy in your process.

Application-oriented expertise – right from the start.

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