Optical measurement and sorting machine with feeder robot – manage various tests within one cycle

On optical measurement and sorting machines with feeder robot in the ROBOCheck VRC 950 series, all the part handling – feeding, handling, removal – is carried out with a SCARA or six-axis robot which presents the test objects to the various cameras and test stations precisely according to the requirements for the test criteria, positioned as necessary. The benefit: multiple characteristics can be captured in one test cycle.

Individual functions of optical measurement and sorting machines with feeder robot:

  • Complex test assignments and surface inspection
  • Inspection of complex geometries
  • Different combinations of various inspection methods for each test station
  • Complex surface inspections with the trevista reflected light dome illumination unit which is based on the Shape from Shading technology
  • 360° defect inspection of inner and outer lateral surfaces  
  • Hardness testing
  • Optical 3D-measurement and inspection

Complex surface and geometry inspections on the lateral surfaces of turned parts:

E.g. of banjo bolts

Equipment features and options

  • Comfortable operator experience thanks to 24" touchscreen
  • Up to eight matrix and line-scan cameras (black-and-white or color) with resolutions of up to 16 million pixels
  • LED flash illumination, transmitted and reflected light (telecentric, coaxial, diffuse)
  • Trevista reflected light dome illumination unit
  • SCARA or six-axis robots for part handling
  • Triggering by laser light barrier
  • Telescopic tray with keyboard and trackball
  • Control cabinet and 19-inch USP
  • CAQ connection
  • Remote maintenance is possible

Trevista is a registered trademark of our partner SAC


Individual part handling

Multiple characteristics captured in one test cycle

Max 25 MB