Rotary indexing testing and sorting machine for complex inspection tasks

Rotary indexing testing and sorting machines are mainly used when the test criteria require parts to be handled in this way. These systems are chosen if the parts for testing have to be presented to one or more cameras in different positions, or if a test object has to be rotated through 360° to scan for outer surface defects.

The central component of the KVC 820 automated testing system is a rotary index plate on which the test objects pass through all the required test stations in sequence. As well as conventional feed components, a SCARA robot can be used to place the test objects on the rotary index plate and remove them from it.

This automated test system can be expanded by adding up to eight digital cameras with different resolutions.

Individual functions of rotary indexing testing and sorting machines:

  • Complex inspection tasks with rotary index plate: geometric, surface, hardness and microstructure tests using various methods and tactile, endoscopic (for internal inspection) and pneumatic testing tools.Complex surface inspections with the Trevista reflected light dome illumination unit which is based on the Shape from Shading technology
  • 360° defect inspection of inner and outer lateral surfaces
  • Optical 3D-measurement and inspection

Complex inspection tasks (various inspections) on sealing and lateral surfaces, e.g. on:

  • Small turned, stamped and pressed parts
  • Highly complex punched and deep-drawn parts for the automotive sector


Equipment features and options

  • Comfortable operator experience thanks to 24" touchscreen
  • Up to eight matrix and line-scan cameras (black-and-white or color) with resolutions of up to 16 million pixels
  • LED flash illumination, transmitted and reflected light (telecentric, coaxial, diffuse)
  • Trevista reflected light dome illumination unit
  • Rotary index plate with workpiece holders
  • Feed via vibratory conveyor, linear conveyor, SCARA robot or handling system
  • Triggering by laser light barrier
  • Telescopic tray with keyboard and trackball
  • Control cabinet and 19-inch USP
  • CAQ connection
  • Remote maintenance is possible

Trevista is a registered trademark of our partner SAC


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