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Our Assembly presses help you take action against climate change – with highly flexible joining modules for maximum energy efficiency

An assembly press typically includes a joining module, a servo amplifier plus a force displacement evaluation unit. Electromechanical joining modules offer outstanding energy efficiency as compared to hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Climate change is forcing more and more industrial companies to face up to their responsibility for improving energy efficiency in their processes so as to reduce their share of global CO2 emissions. Benefit from potential energy savings of up to 90%* and opt for a solution that plays a key part in climate protection!

Our sensors, monitors or evaluation units and joining modules allow for complete monitoring and control of assembly presses during press-fit or joining processes – in engine or transmission assembly as well as in other applications.

By introducing the maXYmos product family, Kistler has become the only provider to offer you an end-to-end system that covers a vast range of industrial operations: from monitoring of force-displacement processes to high-precision force-regulated control of joining modules.

Thanks to integrated sequence control, these systems have the flexibility to handle almost any joining processes – from the simplest to the most complex. The systems feature a uniform operating philosophy that makes them extremely user-friendly.

When you opt for the advantages of process-integrated electromechanical joining modules / assembly presses:

  • you play a valuable part in climate protection
  • you enhance your product quality
  • you boost your plant productivity
  • you cut your operating costs

Learn more about how to reduce operating costs thanks to maximum energy efficiency and low-maintenance operation. Simply contact us for further details!

* Study by the University of Kassel (2012)


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