Processing steps in semiconductor manufacturing – solutions for monitoring and control

Semiconductor manufacturing combines many processing steps. This is why Kistler offers measurement solutions of varying depth to ensure their quality and to meet customer requirements.

Integrated force testing and control of processing steps

The measured force data is used for regulation and control – for example, during wafer processing and in the bonding process. Constant and precise application of force ensures that damage is prevented. Kistler measurement technology is integrated in the semiconductor production line and supports process optimization and traceability.

Continuous monitoring in semiconductor manufacturing

Many semiconductor applications require constant monitoring and testing, but they do not need continuous control. It is sufficient to halt the process if there is a defined deviation from the setpoint. Integrated process monitoring based on force testing supplies accurate measurement data, so users can identify the causes of faults and optimize the process.

Periodic calibration

This cost-effective form of force testing makes use of calibration kits. They can be used for large numbers of identical machines. This approach is ideal if semiconductor applications do not require continuous measurement and machine axis force values are verified at regular intervals.

Quality assurance with Kistler

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Enhanced process reliability

Increased productivity

Process monitoring and documentation

Improved product quality

Reduced quality costs

Traceability and transparency

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