Monitoring fracture splitting processes with sensors and systems from Kistler ensures the quality of the end products.

Fracture splitting process monitoring – for maximum accuracy of fit and quality of the end product

Fracture splitting is an ideal method for targeted fracturing or separating a connection rod into two for inserting a ball bearing or when machining pcbs. The quality of the fracture surface after cracking is critical for the accuracy of fit when re-assembling the final product. Comprehensive process monitoring with piezoelectric sensors and monitoring systems from Kistler secures accurate fracture splitting and utmost quality.

Quality assurance for fracture splitting – advantages of process monitoring systems from Kistler:

  • Improved compliance with tolerances
  • Optimal scheduling of fracture splitting
  • Straightforward evaluation of measurement results

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Quality control

Process reliability

Increased productivity

Optimized resources

Products are simple to integrate


Maximum measurement accuracy in your process.

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