Process monitoring for metal forming with sensor technology from Kistler facilitates 100 percent quality assurance.

Quality assurance for metal forming – with integrated solutions for process monitoring

Monitoring and control of metal forming processes always provide the essential bedrock for successful industrial production – in sectors as varied as the automotive and consumer goods industries, medical technology, packaging and electronics. Based on our comprehensive portfolio of piezoelectric sensor technology and monitoring systems, we are offering individual solutions. Kistler sensors are easily integrated into the various forming processes to facilitate 100 percent quality assurance for these manufacturing operations.

Пробивка отверстий - Контроль технологического процесса
Пробивка отверстий - Контроль технологического процесса

The key requirement for guaranteed quality control when punching defined cross-sections from metal sheets is control of the entire production process.

Monitoring deep-drawing processes with sensors and monitoring systems from Kistler greatly contributes to quality assurance.
Низкий отпуск – контроль технологического процесса

In the majority of cases, hydraulic or pneumatic presses are used for solid forming of sheets and metals.

Monitoring fracture splitting processes with sensors and systems from Kistler ensures the quality of the end products.
Расщепление трещин – контроль технологического процесса

When inserting a ball bearing in the connecting rod or machining pcbs, a clean cut is sometimes the best solution.

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