Bolted joints – quality monitoring with ANALYSE systems from Kistler

Joining two or more parts with a bolt: it sounds perfectly simple in theory, but it often presents a challenge in series assembly. The objective: to guarantee consistently high quality in a cycle throughout a lengthy period. Functional characteristics such as the friction coefficient, preloading force and torque of the bolted joint are some of the most critical quality factors in the production process. And that's why they have to be fully verified and documented – from start to finish. Highly flexible modular test systems for quality monitoring from Kistler determine the functional characteristics of each individual fastener – from measurement and control of the bolting process through to comprehensive documentation of process parameters. The benefits: consistently increased process reliability, optimized resources and sustainable quality assurance – to ensure your success.

Your benefits of our ANALYSE systems for quality monitoring of bolting processes:

  • Lower costs
  • Optimized fasteners
  • Enhanced efficiency in the bolting process
  • Complete documentation
  • Protection against product liability cases
  • Reproducible test processes
  • Traceable results
  • Compliance with standards
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