Up to four units of the KiBox2 can be cascaded for comprehensive powertrain diagnostics.

KiBox2: Comprehensive analysis for current and future powertrains

Today’s engineers need high-precision results from their measurements, as well as flexible processes and an efficient way of validating the large volumes of data from the test environment – either at engine test benches or from on-the-road testing.

As successor of the technology leading KiBox, KiBox2 is a complete combustion analysis solution: it delivers the essential calculated metrics on combustion quality and efficiency, for each individual cylinder and provides all the key engine development data in real time. Consequently, KiBox2 cuts through conventional combustion as well as new kinds based on synthetic fuels.

Prepared for New Energy Vehicles

On top of that, KiBox2 is capable and equipped for the analyses of complex powertrains, it provides the measurement channel attributes and calculation power to fully capture propulsion system inputs and responses – along with the software capability to visualize and analyse all required data.

The new KiBox2 analyses vehicle powertrains of all types and is optimized for efficient in-vehicle use.

The new KiBox2 analyses vehicle powertrains of all types and is optimized for efficient in-vehicle use.

Easy engine development through versatile powertrain diagnostics – features at a glance

One system, two pillars: the KiBox2 hardware and the KiBox Cockpit software were developed together to work as one harmonious system for the user, independent of system configuration. Designed for optimum efficiency during set-up, measurement and review – with a clear task split and user guidance through the different states.

Further improved handling and usability

KiBox2 leverages the use of the latest generation tablet devices, including touch functionality, and is optimised for in-vehicle operation. Thanks to its capability to operate as a wireless hotspot, it enables easy remote access to the device as well as an increased radius of movement around the test object. Voice feedback and control allows hands-free operation during test drives, all via a “Hey Kibox” command set.

Advanced real-time performance

Verified real-time performance allows closed-loop control or even in-cycle control of an engine or unit-under-test. Advanced recording triggers allow complex measurement scenarios to be handled with ease. “Smart Sync” technology ensures that valuable measurement data is securely stored, backed-up and managed efficiently, continuously and safely.

Key Parameters direct from the KiBox2

In-cylinder pressure “normal” and “abnormal” combustion metrics

  • Knock and ignition
  • Peak pressure and its angular position
  • Indicated mean effective pressure 
  • Heat release
  • Energy conversion values and combustion duration
  • Ignition and injection timing
  • Speed 
  • Peak pressure rise and its angular position
  • Combustion noise 
  • FFT
  • Statistical evaluations of all parameters
  • Any desired result from user formula calculation

Designed from the core to merge technologies

Reliable and recognized Kistler precision

State of the art user interface with active user guidance

Intuitive handling and simplified workflows to increase efficiency

Combined measurements and calculations for all prime mover types

All raw data stored and available for post processing and analysis

Max 25 MB