KiStudio Lab software incl. jBEAM: the entire measuring chain at a glance

With KiStudio Lab, Kistler presents a web-based software program that metrologists and engineers can use to edit and manage their measurement tasks easily. The software displays the data acquisition setup in a clear overview and was optimized in terms of intuitiveness and usability. In addition to this, KiStudio Lab now includes jBEAM, a powerful analyzing and visualization tool for a variety of specific tasks.

Graphs and analysis functions that can be freely configured in the dashboard help users interpret their measurement data quickly. The software features allow to make targeted adjustments to the measuring chain or the influencing parameters to be analyzed. KiStudio Lab including jBEAM enables measurement technicians and engineers to access all measurement data and results at any time – even with regard to older projects. The raw data is easily, securely and centrally stored and can be exported and analyzed offline with the powerful jBEAM software. In case of further measurements, the stored setup can always be recalled. Thus, instead of completing the elaborate setup first, users save time and can just proceed towards measuring on the next attempt.

Advantages of the KiStudio Lab Software Package (incl. jBEAM):

  • Achieve your results faster and more reliable thanks to the simple, user-friendly operation and clear representation of the entire measuring chain in KiStudio Lab
  • Analyze your data better and faster thanks to extensive visualization tools in jBEAM
  • Save time for creating reports with the automated reporting in different standard file formats
Max 25 MB