Optimize and Automate RTM Processes: Quality Assurance with Kistler

In lightweight component production, optimal processing of fiber composites (e.g. carbon) is essential for success. The resin transfer molding (RTM) process harbors potential for large-scale industrial manufacture so that component production becomes cost-effective. Comprehensive, dependable monitoring of the pressure inside the cavity – including upstream mold evacuation – is the key to controlling the RTM process and ensuring the required level of reliability. Thanks to piezoelectric or piezoresistive pressure sensors and charge amplifiers from Kistler, stable control of mold cavity pressure is guaranteed – with no exceptions.

Advantages of Kistlermold cavity pressure systems:

  • Compact design
  • Robust in production environment
  • Straightforward connection technology
  • User-friendly handling
  • World's most extensive product range customized to RTM process

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100% quality assurance

Optimize cycle times

Cut staff costs

Cut energy costs

Optimize ROI

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