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In-Cylinder Combustion Analysis with Kistler – Precise, Solution-Oriented and Cost-Effective

One measurand above all others is critically important when developing combustion engines – cylinder pressure as a function of the crank angle. Cylinder pressure allows a detailed analysis of the combustion, air path and gas exchange processes. This makes it possible to assess and optimize engine parameters for research and development purposes. Optical investigations are performed to further analyze and optimize the processes in the combustion chamber with greater fidelity. The objectives being: enhanced efficiency and power, improved comfort and reduced emissions. Kistler is the global market leader for highest-quality solutions for in-cylinder and gas exchange sensor technology.

Анализ процесса горения и испытание давления в цилиндре
Анализ процесса горения и испытание давления в цилиндре

Accurate measurements of cylinder pressure and crank angle as well as intake- and exhaust-gas pressure are absolutely crucial factors when developing combustion engines.

Mобильный анализ сгорания
Mобильный анализ сгорания

For more than 50 years, Kistler has led the field in innovative, application-oriented measurement systems for engine development.


Kistler's compact pressure sensors ensure the highest signal quality combined with great reliability – yet they require a minimum of space.

Optical combustion analysis

More options to optimize combustion processes through imaging.

NVH testing solutions
NVH testing solutions

Customizable force sensors, versatile accelerometers and flexible data acquisition systems as well as efficient processing software – all from one source.

Kistler has launched a new cylinder pressure sensor for the continuous monitoring of large marine and stationary engines.
Thanks to the new, model-based knock intensity detection, the KiBox KID delivers added value data to the user.
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