Efficient Use of Resources

Efficient Use of Resources

Our natural resources are not infinite, and we have a duty to future generations to use them sparingly. Kistler's innovative products and solutions help us to utilize resources more efficiently:

  • Precise Data for Economical Engines

Reducing emissions is a declared objective for the development of green automobiles. Highly dynamic measurements with Kistler pressure measuring chains promote clean combustion and ensure optimum power while minimizing emissions of harmful substances and lowering fuel consumption.

  • Efficiency and Safety on the High Seas

Accurate monitoring of cylinder pressure is essential so that large engines can operate safely and cost-effectively. Measuring technology from Kistler captures this most important of parameters, yielding meaningful information about the combustion processes in marine and stationary engines.

  • Lightweight Construction and Innovative Materials in Vogue

The trend towards lighter vehicles is boosting demand for sensor-monitored manufacturing processes. Highly complex production methods for lightweight automobile construction, metal machining and plastics processing, as well as combinations of different materials require excellent process transparency and reproducibility. Sensors and monitoring systems from Kistler achieve these ambitious goals.

  • Energy Efficiency in Industrial Production

Electromechanical NC joining systems for joining and press-fit tasks deliver wide-ranging benefits as regards production technology. One particularly striking advantage is the reduction of energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to conventional hydraulic, pneumohydraulic or pneumatic systems. Kistler has the ideal solution.

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