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Through understanding comes change

As the complexity of our world increases, so too does the demand for our measurement solutions. To measure means to understand – and only those who understand are in a position to create change.  The untiring inventive spirit that once drove the two founders, Walter P. Kistler and Hans C. Sonderegger, today inspires us to address complex issues. Kistler's invention of the charge amplifier at that time led to the breakthrough of piezoelectric measurement technology. Today – some 60 years later – Kistler is the global leader in dynamic measurement technology for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration.

The values that shaped our company as it formed continue to make Kistler what it is today. Behind our success is the shared vision to constantly improve dynamic measurement technology. Experience success as a team. Remain at the pinnacle of measurement technology thanks to passion for technology in cooperation with our partners - and make progress together.

Over time, Kistler has evolved from a pure component supplier into a strong partner for industry and science that now also undertakes the design and production of complex measuring systems. Our products contribute to the progress of humankind and the environment. With a global presence, we are always near our customers and find solutions that work.

Through understanding comes change: the world of tomorrow has our full attention, and we are doing all we can to understand it. But cutting-edge technology demands not only excellence along the entire measuring chain, it also requires a commitment to quality, an ideal which has a long tradition at Kistler. And that's something we can be measured against.

Rolf Sonderegger
CEO of the Kistler Group

Our Values

The Kistler Group's success is underpinned by a business model that is consistently implemented, together with a shared understanding of values:

Passion for technology and innovation

Quality and customer satisfaction

Committed to people and the environment

Success through teamwork

Our awards

Over the years, the Kistler Group has been honored with a wide range of different awards … read more

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