Sponsorships and Donations

Sponsorships and Donation Requests

The Kistler Group focuses on selected sponsorships in order to achieve maximum impact in the areas to which it is committed. Its support as a sponsor is primarily related to the Kistler company and its applications. Donations are based on Kistler's values and projects of which our employees are focused:


  1. Activities of technical institutions in the region
  2. Events and activities to promote the local business community
  3. Regional activities in the area of youth and athletics
  4. Institutions that bear social responsibilities (at national/regional level)


  1. Charitable organizations and projects at the national level
  2. Cultural organizations and projects in the region
  3. Clubs and projects of which our employees are engaged in

Every request is reviewed on its merits in accordance with our criteria. There is no entitlement to funding.

Worldview - a few of our worldwide sponsorships

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