Integrity and Compliance

Being a Good Corporate Citizen means maintaining high legal and ethical standards in all our relationships at all times. Compliance is gaining importance as time goes on: government-imposed requirements are becoming more rigid, and they apply internationally. Safeguarding the Kistler Group’s credibility and good reputation is a critical factor for our business success.

Our approach to compliance: act with responsibility

We must continuously and adequately recognize and assess compliance risks that fall within the scope of our responsibility as a business, and we need to manage them as appropriate to each risk. To do this at Kistler, we implement a compliance approach based on three pillars. Breaches of laws and our Code of Conduct should be avoided and sanctioned where necessary. By taking this approach, we can meet our responsibilities and avoid damage to Kistler and third parties.

In order to detect any misconduct, there are internal contact points as well as the "SpeakUP Line" reporting system. Reports will be followed up by fair investigations. Transparent responses and clearly defined consequences aim to penalize misconduct and eliminate weak points.

In case of compliance breaches: reporting channels for whistleblowers

Please note that – irrespective of the reporting channel you use – all information is treated as confidential, and it will ultimately be processed by the Compliance Department at the Kistler Group's headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland.

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