Организационные структуры группы компаний "Кистлер" и Корпоративное управление

Organizational structures of the Kistler Group and Corporate Governance

As a company that operates across the globe, the Kistler Group adheres to international standards of good corporate governance and communicates transparently with the outside world. Short decision pathways allow rapid responses; a solid process structure ensures a stable and secure environment. Our flexible corporate structure sets us on course for the future: units are individually responsible for responding to our customers' concerns and needs – from single products and integrated systems to complete digital solutions. Thanks to this approach, we are equally well able to serve startups, research institutes and major industrial customers.

The Kistler Group: a family-owned company with a flexible corporate structure

As a family enterprise, Kistler sets great store by observing the basic rules of corporate governance. The Kistler Group follows the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance and has a certified management system in place as per ISO 9001.

An experienced management team and an independent Board of Directors comprising distinguished professionals ensure that the Kistler Group remains on course for success – especially in our fast-moving times when technologies are continuing to develop at a rapid pace. 

Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee is the most senior decision-making body of the Kistler Group. It comprises eight members. This vigorous team is dedicated to leading the company with the focus on long-term development, and its members have accumulated a total of over 50 years' experience in the sensor industry. The main responsibilities of the Group Executive Committee include strategic corporate planning, the selection of management executives and control of the strategic business units and functional areas.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Kistler Holding AG supervises and supports the Group's active business. It advises on issues of strategy and approves the corporate planning as well as the use of financial resources. The Board of Directors comprises seven members. Since 2019, the Chairman of the Board of Directors has been Valentin Vogt, President of the Swiss Employers' Association.


Compliance is gaining importance as time goes on: safeguarding the Kistler Group’s credibility and good reputation is a critical factor for our business success. Kistler has responded by defining appropriate standards and norms. ... more

Certified Management Systems

Kistler has introduced certified management systems to guarantee compliance with statutory requirements and norms as well as our own standards. ...more

Intellectual Property Rights

The Kistler Group has unique products which must be protected as the intellectual property of the company. The intellectual property rights from patent, brand and design law help us to protect our successful ideas from imitators.

Kistler Trademark List

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