Precision cylinder pressure sensor for engine diagnostics

New generation, high-precision pressure sensor for large engines

Pressure sensors applied for engine diagnostics of low and medium speed engines are installed at indicator valve operating very close to their temperature limits. Kistler has developed a new pressure sensor featuring properties that exactly address the current issues.

Thanks to the PiezoStar technology and other design improvements, the newly developed piezoelectric pressure sensor 6019A from Kistler is featuring highest precision and an increased pressure range of 350 bar at improved temperatures up to 400 °C (< 20 min). 

The sensor is based on the patented PiezoStar crystal, which guarantees a very low thermal sensitivity deviation and an excellent linearity. Thus, it provides a very stable signal quality across the whole temperature range, especially when it is combined with the Thompson adapter 6513AK. Its convenient handling during application constitutes an additional advantage.

The pressure sensor 6019A is designed for diagnostics in all large two-stroke and four-stroke engines. 


Available with PiezoSmart technology

Highest possible precision and operational stability across complete temperature range

Temperature range up to 400 °C for (< 20 min.)

Easy handling


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