THOR-50M crash test dummy – the complete solution from one single source

With the first anthropomorphic test device (ATD) developed by Kistler at the Heidelberg location, we offer you a complete solution from one single source: this comprises not only the most advanced crash test dummy — including the entire measuring chain from sensor to integration to data acquisition — but also the responsibility for the entire system.

To meet the high requirements for maximum process reliability, we have optimized the handling of our THOR-50M (Test Device for Human Occupant Restraint) dummy in such a way that test preparation as well as measuring data acquisition during the crash test can be performed as smoothly, simply and free of errors as possible.

Rely on our DTI technology, which is built directly in and is tailor made for the dummy: thanks to this technology, analog data is digitized directly in the sensor and transferred directly to the data recorder integrated in the spine box of the dummy via a secure bus connection.

After performing a test with just a single cable via the on-board data acquisition system, which records all sensors installed in the vehicle, the stored data is transferred to the host computer of the control center in a final step. The result: high reliability, high data quality and maximum flexibility.

The Kistler THOR-50M Dummy fulfils the requirements in accordance with TB026 (EuroNCAP specifications and criteria for THOR-50M) and since May 2020, Kistler is officially listed as supplier for this dummy for EuroNCAP testing.

Trust our decades of competence and experience in the field of sensor technology for crash tests.

Everything from one single source:

  • Dummy hardware
  • Accelerometers and angular rate sensors
  • Load cells for force and torque measurement
  • 3D thorax and abdominal displacement measurement
  • Integrated DTI technology
  • Test preparation and execution software
  • Dummy certification and calibration of the sensors
  • Maintenance contract
  • Spare parts delivery

Single-source provider

Instrumentation in accordance with regulations (Euro NCAP and US NCAP)

Kistler is responsible for the entire system

Made in Germany


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