Customized force sensors for powertrain NVH testing

Applying customized force sensors for measuring dynamic forces at powertrain mountings is key to optimizing vehicle performance, ensuring durability and controlling NVH.

Typical applications for our NVH testing systems include:

  • Noise and vibration control
  • Dynamic or maximum load measurement
  • Mounting design and structural optimization
  • Blocked force measurement and Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)
  • High-fidelity force inputs for simulation processes

These applications impose specific geometrical constraints and unique operating load conditions that are largely beyond the capabilities of conventional force sensors. They are unique applications – so they demand unique solutions.

Kistler offers customized force sensors and measurement systems for powertrain NVH testing that are fully tailored to your requirements. Based on piezoelectric measurement technology, they are ideally suited to meet the challenges presented by powertrain engineering – now and in the future. These highly rigid PE sensors can attain high frequencies, and their very broad measuring range makes it easy to capture dynamic forces with different orders of magnitude. And thanks to additional advantages such as overload-protected design and long lifetimes under cyclical loading, customers can be sure that these solutions are future-proof.

Backed by more than 60 years of experience in piezoelectric sensor technology, Kistler has the ability to provide complete solutions that can precisely measure up to six components (three forces and three torques) to match your geometrical and load requirements. From design and engineering through to production, commissioning and service: as our customer, you can turn to one single source for everything you need.

Contact your Kistler Sales Engineer and discover more about our customized force sensors for powertrain NVH testing.


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