Data acquisition and data analysis in vehicle NVH testing is efficiently supported by KiNOVA hardware and KiSUITE software.

Data acquisition and analysis for vehicle NVH testing with KiNOVA and KiSUITE

As new automotive engineering paradigms take shape, NVH experts need the right tools to reliably acquire and freely postprocess testing data. The KiNOVA product line from Kistler meets this need. High-precision data acquisition hardware systems with complete freedom for engineers to customize and automate data analysis processes – the efficient way to gain new insights.

Data acquisition hardware KiNOVA

KiNOVA – the data acquisition hardware for vehicle NVH applications – is available in three formats. 

KiNOVA Lite is the engineer's ultra-portable companion when up to four input signals need to be captured on the spot. Despite its compact dimensions, KiNOVA Lite delivers uncompromising accuracy thanks to its outstanding signal acquisition capabilities.

For more demanding applications, KiNOVA Pro offers higher levels of flexibility and performance. This hardware can be customized with a variety of cards and up to 32 channels per device. Multiple units can be daisy-chained to deliver even more measurement capability. And in almost every environment, KiNOVA Pro's built-in internal data storage and battery enable standalone operation with no need for additional modules.

For high channel count applications, KiNOVA XL data acquisition hardware allows hosting of up to 96 channels per chassis; it can also be rack-mounted to reach more than 1,000 channels – an ideal configuration in a laboratory or next to a test bench. Thanks to its internal processor and storage, KiNOVA XL Plus is also the solution of choice whenever mobility is a key need: users can perform high channel count NVH testing for in-vehicle/on-the-road applications, with the possibility of operation in standalone mode.

Ultra-portable data acquisition hardware for NVH testing

Made-to-measure NVH – anywhere

  • Ultra-portable – 365 g
  • UBS-powered
  • Rugged design

Only what you really need

  • 4ch IEPE/voltage, including tacho

No compromises on accuracy

  • 144 kHz sampling rate
  • 24 bit
  • 105 dB dynamic range
  • -130 dB noise floor

The flexible and expandable data acquisition hardware for NVH testing

Measure in any situation

  • Ideal for lab, in-vehicle or test bench
  • Standalone operation
  • Rugged design
  • USB and Ethernet connection

Customize it around your needs

  • Up to 300 kHz at 24 bits
  • Max. 32 ch/unit, stackable up to 1,024 ch
  • 2 built-in tacho inputs
  • Customizable with a variety of cards

Data acquisition hardware for high channel count NVH testing

Ready for demanding applications

  • Rack-mounted for lab and test bench use
  • Standalone operation for in-vehicle use
  • Compatible with KiNOVA Pro

Customize it around your needs

  • Up to 300 kHz at 24 bits
  • 12 cards/unit, stackable up to 1,024 ch
  • 2 built-in tacho inputs
  • Customizable with a variety of cards

Data analysis software for NVH testing KiSUITE

KiSUITE is Kistler's data analysis software for NVH testing, providing engineers with unlimited flexibility and a vast range of functionalities. KiSUITE complements and synergizes with the KiNOVA data acquisition hardware. 

KiSUITE Analysis is the powerful yet intuitive platform for NVH data analysis and workflow customization. Thanks to an impressive range of functions, users can perform almost every imaginable data operation. KiSUITE Analysis is also ideal for automating customized workflows and generating consistent post-measurement reports.

Users have immense scope thanks to over 220 functions, such as: basic and advanced math and calculus operations, filtering, tacho analysis, spectral calculations, time domain analysis, signal generation and manipulation, probability and statistic assessments, trend analysis – and much more.
All this, delivered with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface: KiSUITE Analysis is the key to gaining unlimited insights from your measured data.

You can choose from a range of application-oriented modules to complement and enrich KiSUITE Analysis. Navigate the tabs below to discover the module that best suits your application. Each of them extends the functionalities of KiSUITE Analysis to build a flexible yet powerful platform for NVH analysis.

Data analysis software module – NVH

KiSUITE NVH is the data analysis software module dedicated to powertrain NVH development and optimization.

The NVH module performs:

  • Speed analysis – even without tacho signal 
  • Waterfall analysis
  • Order analysis
  • Sound quality assessment

Data analysis software module – Rotating Machinery

The KiSUITE Rotating Machinery is a data analysis software module which offers a complete toolbox to address noise and vibration issues caused by cyclic and rotating forcing.

The Rotating Machinery module performs:

  • Advanced tacho analysis
  • Torsional vibration
  • Synch and asynch waterfall and order analysis 
  • Wavelets

Data analysis software for impact hammer testing

The standalone KiSUITE HITS data analysis software is specifically developed for impact hammer testing: designed to guide users efficiently through the whole setup, acquisition and data review process. 

KiSUITE HITS performs:

  • Guided procedure for FRF acquisition
  • Automatic windowing and parameter setup
  • Real-time calculation and comparison of FRFs
  • Identification of natural frequencies, damping estimation and peak detection

Data analysis software module – Structural Animation

The KiSUITE Structural Animation data analysis software module is designed to animate measured data and visualize operating deflection shapes. Geometries and models can also be created within Structural Animation.

The Structural Animation module performs:

  • Creation of geometries
  • Visualization of operating deflection shapes
  • Animation of measured data in time and frequency

Data analysis software module – Acoustics

The KiSUITE Acoustics data analysis software module allows to process acoustic data.

The Acoustics module performs: 

  • 1/N octave operations
  • Sound level meter and intensity calculations
  • Sound quality metrics
  • Psychoacoustics

Data analysis software module – SCA

The KiSUITE SCA data analysis software module is specifically designed to perform vehicle NVH Source Contribution Analysis. This is an efficient technique for identifying and splitting the sources that contribute to overall noise and vibration levels.

The SCA module performs:

  • Source Contribution Analysis
  • Visualization of data and contributions

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Vast range of functions for unlimited insights

Efficiency and flexibility wherever you measure


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