Optical combustion analysis – optimize engine designs using high-performance technology

The growing requirements regarding cost-effectiveness and low emission operation of combustion engines can only be met through high-performance measurement technology. Alongside engine indication based on measurements of cylinder pressure, our methods for optical combustion analysis provide additional base information that is necessary for high-precision combustion process analysis and optimizing engine designs.

The Kistler includes highly sophisticated optical probes that precisely detect the origin of combustion knock, as well as the origin of pre-ignition events and even soot formation within the combustion chamber. These optical accesses can be integrated in any type of spark plug. Other systems can incorporate high-speed camera imaging, for visualizing fast sub-system processes, for example injection events and flame propagation.

Due to their convenient handling and robust design, these are ideal tools for regular application on the test stand.

Areas of application of optical combustion analysis:

  • Optical investigations of injection, ignition and flame propagation in spark ignited (SI) engines
  • Imaging of time-resolved frame sequences of fast processes
  • Optical analysis of combustion, knock, pre-ignition and soot formation for optimizing engine control parameters as, e.g., injection system and ignition time settings during transients
  • Combined pressure and optical analysis through single access to combustion chamber
  • llumination and optical access to visualize injection sprays in the cylinder
  • Determining by near-infrared camera the temperature of components in the cylinder 

Advantages of the optical combustion analysis:

  • Individually designed optical systems according to custom-specific requirements thanks to SMETEC´s 20 years of expertise in the field
  • Time and cost-effective solutions due to multifunctional hardware, e.g., in the case of spark plugs, optics and pressure measurement functions are included
  • Comprehensive measurement service provided by Kistler

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