Análise de combustão de alta velocidade com Kistler SCP

High-Speed Combustion Analysis with Kistler Signal Conditioning Platform (SCP)

The Signal Conditioning Platform (SCP) with Ethernet options centralizes equipment configuration and optimizes usability for maximum flexibility. It ensures process reliability and enables early detection of unsafe operating conditions in fixed or mobile high-speed combustion analysis applications.

Flexible System with Centralized Control
Kistler’s network-compatible SCP can be equipped with application-specific measuring modules to accomplish various measuring tasks, for example with the Type 5064C charge amplifier module for piezoelectric sensors or Type 4665B for piezoresistive sensors. The new platform allows virtual linkage of the systems deployed, so all Kistler SCPs can be operated from one centrally controlled PC.

Intuitive GUI for Simple and Quick Data Handling
The Kistler SCP’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) provides an overview of all key data, such as measuring module configurations, sensor data and operating times, so that all changes can be made on a single screen for simple and quick data handling. An ‘Export’ function converts the data into various formats to document all the measurement settings applied during the high-speed combustion analysis. Cylinder peak pressure histograms for each sensor can be created at the click of a button while users can immediately detect sensor load and strain, as well as any irregularities.

The Kistler SCP’s intuitive GUI provides an overview of all key data, such as measuring module configurations, sensor data and operating times, and all changes can be made on a single screen.

Real-Time Monitoring for Early Detection of Unsafe Operating Conditions
A CAN bus interface allows for the digital capture and real-time monitoring of cylinder peak pressures in addition to the operating temperature of low pressure piezoresistive sensors. This data allows for early detection of unsafe operating conditions. Users can immediately recognize engine or equipment damaging events and take corrective action.

Kistler PiezoSmart Sensors Ensure Process Reliability
PiezoSmart guarantees the correct allocation of sensor data and maximum process reliability, as errors caused by manual data handling can be eliminated and preparation effort for high-speed combustion analysis applications is reduced to the minimum. PiezoSmart® allows historical monitoring and an assessment of an existing sensor portfolio.

Engine Indication on Test Bench and Onboard
There are two new Kistler SCP versions available. The Kistler SCP Type 2853B model (8 slots or 16 channels) is suitable for engine indication on the test bench. The Kistler SCP Slim Type 2852B (with 2 slots or 4 channels) is suitable for both mobile (onboard) and test bench applications. For existing Kistler SCPs (Type 2853A), Kistler offers Type 5615BFK and 5615BRK Upgrade Kits for retrofitting.

SCP Chassis and Amplifier Modules

This table gives an overview of all Kistler SCPs, modules and measurands for flexible combustion analysis.

Flexible system

Centralized control

Simple and quick data handling

Early detection of unsafe operating conditions

Process reliability


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