Materiais energéticos

Reliable measurement of dynamic high pressure applications up to 10 000 bar with piezoelectric measuring technology from Kistler.

Characterization of high-energy materials using pressure measurements sets demanding requirements for various aspects of sensor technology – such as mechanical stability, dynamics, thermal shock and the installation location. Kistler's product portfolio reflects our application-specific expertise, gained over many years of working with pyrotechnic applications, such as airbag and closed vessel testing.

Advantages of dynamic high pressure measurement with Kistler:

  • Piezoelectric high-pressure sensors with high natural frequencies
  • Highly sensitive sensors 
  • Thermal shock optimization and acceleration compensation
  • Tailored accessories for installation, mechanical protection and thermal protection
  • System solutions for rapid data acquisition and evaluation

Reliable measurement of dynamic high pressure applications up to 10 000 bar with Kistler – learn more now.

Luis Soares
Luis Soares
Sales Representative

Highly dynamic pressure measurement up to 10 000 bar

Long sensor lifetimes

Accurate pressure measurement because interference signals are rejected

Signals with high pressure and time resolution

Kistler expands its range of smart accessory equipment to ensure that piezoelectric sensors can be perfectly positioned.
Kistler now offers low outgassing cables for their titanium housing piezoelectric accelerometers used for space testing.
Inside "The Atmosphere" at MARIN, 100 of our pressure sensors capture wave impacts under varying environmental conditions

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