Next-generation Rail Weigh In Motion system

Smart management of rolling stock and infrastructure with one system: the new Rail Weigh In Motion (WIM) system from Kistler provides accurate and reliable weight measurements from wheel load to train weight – and, based on integrated algorithms, a full range of additional traffic and train condition data.

Thanks to scientific field research and physical modeling, the new system makes use of an optimized sensor layout that combines high precision with easy installation – only minimal track closures are required, or none at all. As well as measuring weight-related parameters, Rail WIM from Kistler collects and calculates data about rail vehicle safety and track usage. 

Multi-purpose comprehensive WIM solution

Applications include Safety in Operation (derailment prevention, verification of train weight, spacing between trains, speed monitoring and bridge protection, etc.), Preventive Maintenance (infrastructure wear and tear, rolling stock condition monitoring) and Compliance (overload, wheel defects, incorrect weight declaration and incorrect train length).

Rail Weigh In Motion from Kistler includes these functions:

  • Measurement of vehicle and train weight
  • Vehicle identification, classification and statistics
  • Accurate speed measurement
  • Detection of unbalanced vehicle loading
  • Detection of axle parallelism
  • Condition monitoring of wheels and bogies (flat spots, spring defects, axle/wheel distance)
  • Self-monitoring with frequently used and known vehicles

Excellent system accuracy at operational speed, based on piezoelectric force measurement

Outstanding long-term and temperature stability

Additional functionalities, e.g. flat spot detection 

Simple and fast installation

Site assessment and adaptive system layout to reduce influence of vehicle dynamics

Generation of comprehensive train reports and flexible data protocols

Negligible ageing effects and minimal maintenance effort


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