Medição da pressão em cavidade na moldação por injeção

Zero-defect production based on cavity pressure measurement during the injection molding process

Zero-defect production with 100% quality is the supreme goal of every plastics processing operation – in sectors ranging from automotive supply and medical technology to electronics. Reliable process control is the key to achieving this goal. The solution? Piezoelectric sensors and systems from Kistler. They measure and analyze the cavity pressure during the injection molding process, while monitoring the process and separating rejects. Based on cavity pressure measurement, these systems control the injection molding process and balance the hot runner system in line with the mold cavity pressure – no matter which machines, molds and peripherals are in use. And as you would expect, all relevant quality data is fully documented. To boost efficiency in plastics processing. 

Quality assurance in injection molding results from process monitoring based on cavity pressure measurement.
Moldação por injeção – garantia de qualidade com base na monitorização de processos

Kistler's cavity pressure systems ensure a full-range approach – from the actual measurement through to comprehensive documentation of cavity pressure.

RTM process monitoring and control with cavity pressure systems from Kistler guarantees the quality of composites.
Compósito – garantia de qualidade através do controlo e da monitorização de processos RTM

In lightweight component production, optimal processing of fiber composites (e.g. carbon) is essential for success.

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