Test systems for continuous materials in punching processes – KVC 621

The KVC 621 is a universal, autonomous video measurement system for 100% inspection of continuously produced parts. In this system, the integrated control and image processing components focus on high, individually adjustable processing speeds for complex assignments with transmitted and reflected light.

The KVC 621 test system for continuous material is available in various sizes including an extra-compact version (for confined spaces) and a version with extended installation space (e.g. to accommodate additional cameras or to integrate a marking laser).

Individual testing and sorting functions

  • Conventional dimensional checks
  • Complete contour tracing for errors that occur sporadically
  • Detection of surface defects
  • Individually adjustable error response 

Product groups

Applications include punching, lamination, galvanization and injection molding lines as well as rewinding processes for:

  • Overmolded stamped contacts
  • Formed plug contacts
  • Flat stamped contacts
  • Leadframes

Equipment features and options

  • Comfortable operator experience thanks to 24" touchscreen monitor
  • Up to six CCD matrix and line-scan cameras (black-and-white or color) with resolutions of up to 16 million pixels
  • LED flash illumination, transmitted and reflected light (telecentric, coaxial, diffuse)
  • Triggering by laser light barrier
  • Loop control via sensor, or incremental regulation for each machine cycle
  • Adjustable strip guide with programmable servo drive
  • Telescopic tray with keyboard and touchpad
  • Integrated control cabinet including USP
  • Remote maintenance is possible

100% quality control

Process reliability

Productivity boost

Optimized resources

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