Space Simulation Conference 2022

Join us at 31st Space Simulation Conference at the DoubleTree Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland, Oct. 17 - 20.

Visit our booth 20 and 21 and participate in a joint in-person Force Limited Vibration Testing Tutorial we give with our partner m + p International.

We'll also showcase our dynamometer portfolio designed for wide application range and easy handling.

Kistler works in partnership with renowned aerospace centers all around the world. Our space testing expertise allows us to offer you in a proven choice of force, torque, pressure and acceleration sensors based on piezoelectric (PE), integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE), strain gage or piezoresistive technologies and that are designed for space payload or rocket testing.

We look forward to meeting you soon at Space Simulation Conference in Annapolis, Maryland!

Space Simulation Conference 2022
17.10.2022 - 20.10.2022
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Booth 20 & 21
The DoubleTree Hotel
Annapolis, Maryland
Max 25 MB