NACOB 2022

Join us at North American Congress On Biomechanics (NACOB) 2022 in Ottawa, Canada August 21 - 25.

Visit booth 21 and check out our latest portable force plates and MARS software find out how you could boost performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Force plates provide deep evidence-based insights into the musculoskeletal condition and highly dynamic movement patterns of the human body.

Together with our advanced MARS software, the portable force plates offer opportunity to optimize sports performance for athletes, coaches, physiotherapists and sports medicine professionals.

We can help you with your force, torque, acceleration, and pressure instrumentation needs. We will be by your side on your journey into the future of sports – with digital and portable solutions to improve physical performance.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

NACOB 2022
21.08.2022 - 25.08.2022
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Shaw Center, Ottawa,
William Lehmann
William Lehmann
Account Sales Biomechanics
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