Tecnologia DTI – mundo da dinâmica e durabilidade

DTI technology from Kistler: data acquisition tailored to each customer's specific application

The setup process for testing vehicle dynamics, tires and durability is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Now, Kistler's new DTI technology makes setup much faster and simpler. Only one single cable is needed to configure the sensors, transmit and synchronize the measurement data, and supply power.

With Kistler's DTI technology, you can use one end-to-end bus system for your entire application. All the signals are converted into digital output directly in Kistler's DTI sensors. The sensor data is fed into the central Kistler DTI logger and transmitted via Ethernet to the computer for evaluation. Test setup is simpler than ever before, thanks to automated sensor detection. The KiCenter (Kistler's measurement software) automatically detects the installed position, calibration values and relevant physical parameters, which can be configured in the GUI. Guaranteed benefits: maximum process reliability and efficient use of time.

DTI technology for braking distance measurements

For brake path measurement with straightforward ABS braking to DIN 70028, Kistler's portfolio includes a perfected, holistic measurement solution based on our DTI technology. Its components include sensors and triggers, the DTI logger and the KiCenter (Kistler's measurement software). The 'One cable for everything' concept ensures that test setup is fast and efficient – including end-to-end configuration of all connected sensors via the KiCenter. The measurement software guides users through the entire test, so they can focus fully on their work and gain valuable time on the test track.


Efficient and space-saving: only one cable for data, synchronization, configuration and power supply

Decentral data acquisition is possible

Maximum mating reliability

Compatible with existing sensors

Max 25 MB