jBEAM Lab Starter / Professional / Ultimate

for Measurement Data Analysis

Type 2897A

jBEAM is a software for data analysis, visualization and report
generation. Due its platform independence and multilingualism,
worldwide customers in R&D are using the software for
quick analysis as well as for managing complex projects with
terabytes of data.

  • Better and faster analysis of your data thanks to perfect presentation through extensive visualization tools
  • Accomplish the required analysis quickly and efficiently with the interactive analysis
  • Save time for creating reports with the automated reporting in different standard file formats

jBEAM is part of the KiStudio Lab Package or available as stand-alone post-processing software. Learn more about jBEAM

For the activation of jBEAM a valid license and a PC with internet access is required. jBEAM licenses and jBEAM trial licenses are available from Kistler Sales or via the contact form.